Vision, Mission and Objectives


Reaching the university to the ranks of prestigious universities in accordance with international scientific standards and the context of the third millennium, to ensure its impact in preparing advanced academic, professional and technical outputs, and disseminating and developing knowledge through qualitative scientific research, in a way that contributes to the comprehensive development of society, human material, and facing future challenges.


Developing educational human resources, scientifically, ethically and humanely, through developing curricula and teaching methods, and keeping pace with scientific and technological development within a framework of independence, academic freedom, and management of human relations.

Providing distinguished education and producing innovative research that serves the community and contributes to building a knowledge economy by creating an environment that stimulates learning, intellectual creativity, optimal use of technology, and effective local and global partnership.


  1. Quality and Excellence: The university is committed to measuring its performance through the application of high-level standards that respect great ambitions, and the pursuit of excellence through our commitment to the highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.
  2. Leadership and Teamwork: The university is firmly committed to strengthening individual and institutional leadership departments that push the wheel of social development, with its deep belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity and teamwork.
  3. Academic Freedom: Disciplined and honest intellectual exploration is the core of our academic tradition, which clearly shows all aspects of the university's academic and academic activities.
  4. Justice and Integrity: The university is committed to the principles of social justice, equal opportunities and cultural diversity, and all members of the university community are committed to the highest levels of honesty, respect and professional ethics.
  5. Transparency and accountability: The university is firmly committed to presenting its thought to the community and scholars to measure the amount of its contributions to global knowledge, and all members of the university community are committed to respecting its values ​​in all scientific and academic activities.

6- Continuous Learning: The university is committed to supporting continuous learning within and outside the university community, and to promoting continuous intellectual growth and sustainable community well-being.

Goals of University

    1. Establishing a private university to keep pace with the rapid development process in Syria.
    2. Providing modern specializations with actual job opportunities and in line with the urgent need for specialists in the fields of humanities, economic, administrative sciences, engineering sciences, pharmaceutical, archeology, restoration and tourism, to embody the slogan that Syria is the cradle of civilizations.
    3. The optimal investment of local capabilities, expertise and qualifications.
    4. Attracting scientific competencies.
    5. Emphasis on students' mastery of foreign languages while preserving the integrity of Arabic.
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