EPU aims at reaching the level of prestigious universities which meet international scientific standards of the third millennium, to ensure leaving an influence in setting up advanced academic, professional and technical outputs, in addition to dissemination and development of knowledge through qualitative scientific researches; thus, contributing to the overall development of society; in both material and human terms, and supporting it in rising to the challenges of the future.


EPU’s message lies in the development of educational human resources, scientifically, ethically and humanely, through improving curricula and teaching methods, and keeping pace with scientific, and technological advancement; all within an atmosphere of independence, academic freedom, and management of human relations. Another aim is represented by providing distinguished education, and producing creative researches that serve society and contribute to building knowledge economy through creating a stimulating environment for learning, intellectual creativity, optimal employment of techniques, and local and global effective partnership.
ebla private university


  1.  Quality & Excellence: EPU commits itself to measuring its performance against high criteria that respect great ambitions, and aspiration for excellence through adherence to the most sublime intellectual standards in teaching, learning, and creativity.
  3.  Leadership & Teamwork: EPU has solid commitment to strengthening leaderships of individual and institutional administrations that encourage social development, along with deep-rooted belief in professionalism, responsibility, creativity, and teamwork spirit..
  5.  Academic Freedom: Controlled and sincere intellectual exploration is the essence of our academic traditions, and is clearly manifested in all aspects of scientific and academic activities of the University.
  7.  Justice and Integrity: EPU adheres to the principles of social justice, equality in opportunities and cultural diversity. All members of the EPU community are committed to the highest standards of honesty, respect and professional ethics.
  9.  Transparency and Accountability: EPU has solid commitment to presenting its thought to society and scientists to measure its contribution to global knowledge. All members of the EPU community highly respect its values in all scientific and academic activities.
  11.  Non-Stop Learning: EPU is committed to supporting continuous learning inside and outside the university’s community, and promoting ongoing intellectual growth and sustainable well-being of society.