speech of the Rector 

A decade has passed since the launch of Ebla Private University in the paths of science and knowledge, and through which it proved that it is one of the advanced and developed universities, and the results of its students are the best proof of that.

The university administration seeks to create a distinguished scientific, social and moral atmosphere in order for its graduates to be qualified on a high scientific, social and national level that can be relied upon in creating their own jobs in the labor market and reconstruction, and to make its graduates return to it when they encounter difficulties in their practical and research lives, to make them proud that they are graduates of this university and creating a culture of love and cooperation among its employees, to make them a supporter for it, to extend bridges of cooperation between it and the universities of the country and international universities as much as possible, and to activate its role in civil society professional bodies and unions with the aim of serving the community. In conclusion, I wish our university progress and prosperity in all fields.

University's president





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