University libraries play a prominent role in serving and advancing scientific research, by providing a collection of rare books and references, university theses, manuscripts, and a large number of Arab and foreign journals.

The library is considered one of the most important university institutions, as it has become one of the criteria through which universities can be evaluated and evaluated, particularly in light of the technological and informational developments and digital orientation in the whole world. The library aims to inform workers, researchers and students in the university’s faculties and its various departments of the latest scientific trends in the field of their specializations by providing sources of information of all kinds and forms. Via:



  • Providing the necessary holdings and resources to its pioneers of researchers and students.
  • Carrying out the technical procedures for office containers such as recording, classifying, analyzing, indexing and indexing.
  • Preparing organized lists of the contents of the library in different forms and for all formats to facilitate the lending process. Carrying out exhibitions and seminars in order to introduce the contents of the library and how to deal and access its holdings.
  • Explanation of ways to deal with the technological techniques used in the library before their actual exploitation
  • Doing an inventory and preserving the library's holdings from environmental and human damage. Providing a qualified human resource in the library and technology.
  • Facilitate and assist researchers and students to obtain informational containers in the shortest time and least effort.
  • Securing the lending and exchange service between libraries.


There is also an electronic library containing hundreds of CDs and electronic book files (pdf) with a size of 110 GB containing 51988 files in 4300 volumes in various sciences, particularly the specializations of the faculties at the university, in addition to the possibility of accessing electronic libraries available on the local network at the university around the clock, where The student can access, search and download from the university laboratories.

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