Architecture Landscaping of sites between the Function and the identity of the place - The Case of the Ancient of Aleppo after the crisis

Preserving the culture and identity of historical sites is one of the most important tools for the success of the process of rebuilding or rehabilitation those sites, especially those affected by crises. In parallel with the different construction and restoration processes, Architecture landscaping is present in any process and a complement to it, with its public services that are consistent with the traditional urban environment, and is a supportive factor in preserving it and its cultural identity. And it varies with the services it provides from infrastructure, lighting, seats, covering materials for roads, sidewalks, metal works, gates, advertising methods, and other important elements that are a major part of the region's history, customs, traditions and urban heritage dating back thousands of years.

Aleppo Scientific Magazine

3D-AD: 3D-autism dataset for repetitive behaviours with kinect sensor

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is a disorder that affects communication, social skills or behaviours of some people. Children or adults with ASD often have some common repetitive behaviours or self-stimulatory behaviours. These behaviours usually refer to specific behaviours such as flapping, rocking, spinning, etc. This work investigates these behaviours and provides a benchmark dataset for researchers. In our knowledge, this dataset is the first 3D-dataset available online 1 in the area of 3D recognitions of complex and repetitive behaviours of autistic people. The 3D-Autism Dataset (3D-AD) is captured with Kinect sensor. We explore different categories of autistic repetitive behaviours: static and dynamic ones, simple and complex ones. Experiments have been done using dynamic time warping to detect these behaviours


Increasing the Passengers Trains Speed on the Trtous -Lattakia Railway Using Photocells instead of Generators in the Passenger Carriages and Reducing the Specific Resistance through the welded Rails of Russian Locomotive LDE2800 (ТЭ114)

The effects of different specific resistance of passengers trains motion on the Tartous– Lattakia railway and their values calculations were studied. Some of the experimental coefficients used in the formulas of the specific resistance calculation of the Russian locomotive LDE2800 (ТЭ114) and passenger carriages were also checked (investigated. As a conclusion, it was found that there is a chance to increase between 14-25% in the pulling (tractive) mass and 5-15% in speed using the photocells

Res. J. of .Aleppo University ., Engineering Science Series No. 73

Dynamic study of Russian locomotive LDE2800 (ТЭ114) Syrian railway net work

Was reached in this study to the best way to put traction engines and How distortions lines on the dynamic state of the locomotive on the Syrian railway lines and the effect of the length of the bars used was found through the accounts, the importance of moving to welded lines in the case of the use of the symptoms concrete multiple lines splints also been use Matlab program to find result sthat show the impact of all elements of the.

J. of Albaath University- Vol.37 – No.34

Evaluation of climatic performance of the urban depending on the digital representation

The research begins by explaining the importance of digital simulation programs as one of the primary climate evaluation tools due to their ability to represent the climate reality of the building before execution. This is done by illustrating the evaluation methodology used by the digital simulation programs, which will be accompanied by a demonstration of evaluating one of the residential neighborhood using a number of digital simulation programs. The demonstration will run the evaluation methodology through the urban design stages of residential neighborhood. A second demonstration will be shown for a program designed to match the climate of a city in Egypt. In addition, results will be displayed for the design of digital simulation programs that will match the local climate of any city in the world. Finally, the research concludes with a number of results and recommendations.

Research Journal of Aleppo University

Biological treatment of phenol using microorganisms: Pseudomonas,Acinetobacter and Chlorella

This research work addressed laboratory study for biological treatment of phenol. Figuring phenol disintegration will give an idea of biodegradation of most organic chemicals since it is included in the composition of most of them. Biological treatment is considered one of the effective and economic ways to address phenol treatment by biodegradation as compared with high cost methods of physical and chemical processing. The method is of low efficiency when applied to high concentrations, in addition to formation of secondary compounds that may be more dangerous than the target material The study focused on use of three isolates, i.e.

IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology,

Biological treatment of poultry slaughterhouses wastewater by using aerobic moving bed biofilm reactor

Wastewater emerging from poultry technical slaughterhouses is characterized by its high degree of pollution in terms of organic content. This causes a rise in organic load disposed to wastewater treatment plants and thereby drooping efficiency. Effective and economical ways to treat such wastewater, based on reducing concentration of organic loads to appropriate level, preserves environs and reduces treatment costs for owners of industrial plants without augmenting investment costs. Aerobic Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology based on biofilm phenomenon is advocated in this research work.

International Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health

Popular Uses and Medical Treatments of Frankincense

Natural resins played an important role in the daily life and rituals of religious ceremonies of aromatic aroma and its various medicinal effects since ancient. Boswellia, one of the most important natural resins, is the subject of our research. The Boswellia plants are species of Saponins. They produce aromatic resins given by laticiferous ducts through a process of stripping the bark of the branches; a yellow gum is released, then frozen in natural conditions in small granules known as Boswellia resins or frankincense. Through the study of combinations and mixtures contained in some manuscripts and modern research, it was found that frankincense was used in several fields in different historical periods. It is still used in religious ceremonies in Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Orthodox and Indian churches.

Aleppo University Research Journal, Medical Science Series, N° 133.

Investigation of nucleation and crystal growth kinetics of nickel manganese oxalates

The nucleation and the crystal growth rates of mixed nickel manganese oxalates have been determined from the changes of the ionic concentration of the solution and the crystal size distribution during the precipitation process within a supersaturation range 0–0.1 M. Thermodynamic solubility calculations have been used to identify the different species contributing the precipitation reaction and for estimation of the thermodynamic constant. Experimental data show that the nucleation rate of mixed nickel manganese oxalate in this supersaturation range is consistent with a primary heterogeneous mechanism and was found to obey to an exponential law. The crystal growth rates indicate a surface-integration-controlled mechanism with a first-order law with respect to the supersaturation.

Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 279, pp. 531-539

High quality nickel manganese oxalate powders in a new segmented flow tubular reactor

High-quality nickel manganese oxalates have been prepared using an innovative approach for the production of homogeneous powders, the continuous Segmented Flow Tubular Reactor (SFTR). This new reactor is mainly composed of a mixer, a segmenter, a tubular section and a decanter. Mixed Ni–Mn oxalates are synthesized in the SFTR. The powders present controlled morphology, narrow particle size distribution, high purity and desired stoichiometry. Their characteristics are compared to those of powders obtained in a batch reactor. These oxalates are precursors for nickel manganites, used as negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) ceramics.

Solid State Ionics, vol. 171, pp. 135-140, 2004

Development of a Continuous Segmented Flow Tubular Reactor and the “Scale-out” concept – In Search of Perfect Powders

The synthesis of powders with controlled shape and narrow particle size distributions is still a major challenge for many industries. A continuous Segmented Flow Tubular Reactor (SFTR) has been developed to overcome homogeneity and scale-up problems encountered when using batch reactors. Supersaturation is created by mixing the co-reactants in a micromixer inducing precipitation; the suspension is then segmented into identical micro-volumes by a non-miscible fluid and sent through a tube. These micro-volumes are more homogeneous when compared to large batch reactors leading to narrower size distributions, better particle morphology, polymorph selectivity and stoichiometry.

Chemical Engineering Technology, vol. 26-3, pp. 303-305

An experimental method and a Markov chain model to describe axial and radial mixing in a hoop mixer

An experimental methodology is developed to investigate the simultaneous axial and radial mixing of particles in a hoop mixer. This involves following the migration of a colored tracer, with flow properties identical to that of the bulk using tracer detection by image analysis. The particle transitions from all initial tracer positions inside the mixer are calculated and the experimental conditions are established which improve the homogeneity of the mixture. Finally, a Markov chain model is derived which gives a good representation of the experimental data.

Powder technology, vol. 128, pp. 159-167

A simultaneous determination of nucleation and growth rates from batch spontaneous precipitation

A review of the literature shows that many methods for determining the nucleation and growth rates from batch precipitation experiments are inaccurate. Therefore, a new method has been developed to derive these two rates based on the simultaneous measurement of the supersaturation and the crystal size distribution during a batch spontaneous precipitation. All experimental data are used without any previous numerical treatment and the differential kinetic equations are replaced by integral ones to avoid numeric derivation. The kinetic parameters of the two postulated laws of nucleation and crystal growth rates in kinetic equations are separately determined by non-linear optimization.

Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 54, pp. 1161-1180.

Are Barium Sulphate Kinetics Sufficiently Known for Testing Precipitation Reactor Models?

Barium sulphate precipitation, widely used to validate micromixing models, requires the knowledge of nucleation and crystal growth kinetics under non stoichiometric conditions, which is generally the case when two fluids are mixed. Therefore, the spontaneous precipitation of barium sulphate was studied under both stoichiometric and non stoichiometric conditions. A new method was developed to derive the nucleation and crystal growth rates based on the simultaneous measurement of concentration and crystal size distribution. Two expressions were proposed describing well nucleation and crystal growth kinetics. The kinetic parameters were determined as a function of the initial concentration ratio, showing the crucial effect of stoichiometry on the nucleation and crystal growth kinetics. Consequently, attention should be paid to the use of kinetic laws of barium sulphate precipitation to validate micromixing models.

Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 51, pp. 2449-2458.

Using the Bees Algorithm for wheeled mobile robot path planning in an indoor dynamic environment

This paper presents a solution to plan a path using a new form of the Bees Algorithm for a 2-Wheeled Differential Drive mobile robot. This robot is used in an indoor environment. The environment consists of static and dynamic obstacles which are represented by a continuous configuration space as an occupancy map-based. The proposed method is run in two respective stages. Firstly, the optimal path is obtained in the static environment using either the basic form or the new form of the Bees Algorithm. The initial population in the new form of the Bees Algorithm consists only of feasible paths. Secondly, this optimal path is updated online to avoid collision with dynamic obstacles. A modified form of the local search is used to avoid collision with dynamic obstacles and to maintain optimality of sub-paths. A set of benchmark maps were used to simulate and evaluate the proposed algorithm. The results obtained were compared with those of the other algorithms for different sets of continuous maps.

Cogent Engineering Volume 5, 2018 - Issue 1

Real time control of multi-agent mobile robots with intelligent collision avoidance system

This paper presents a newly developed mobile robot based multi-agent system with capabilities of robust motion control and intelligent collision avoidance. The system consists of three mobile robots, one master and two slaves. The master robot intelligently takes decisions as to which action to perform to avoid obstacles and collisions. On the other hand, the master mobile robot is capable to swerve around a static or moving object when necessary. All possible conditions have been arranged in a fuzzy knowledge base which is used to express and manipulate them in which the mobile robot may encounter them on its driving lane. The proposed research has been carried out to simulate a real car driving regime on roads where the driver may not react properly.

Science and Information Conference

Mechanism, Machine, Robotics and Mechatronics Sciences

Recently trajectory tracking control of a quadcopter has been paid attention by academic and industry. This paper proposes two different strategies for trajectory tracking control of a quadcopter system implementing nonlinear control theory. The first approach is based on the integral backstepping technique, the second proposed one is an LQI (Linear Quadratic Integral) optimal controller with a feedback linearization so as to deal with the nonlinearity and the coupling components of the quadcopter state variables. The control laws for trajectory tracking using the proposed two strategies were validated by simulation and experimental results obtained from a quadcopter test bench. Simulation results show a comparison between the performance of each of the two control laws depending on the nonlinear model of the quadcopter system under investigation; the trajectory tracking has been achieved properly for …

Mechanism, Machine, Robotics and Mechatronics Sciences

Implementation of a Computational Cluster for Solving Parallel Problems (Case Study: the 15-Puzzel Problem)

A Beowulf cluster has been built. The cluster contains five similar nodes working under fedora 11 OS. Algorithms of finding the shortest distance between two points that are used to solve (N²-1)-Puzzle have been studied for an initial test of the cluster.

A Proposed Method to Improve the Computer Network Performance in the University of Aleppo, Case study: the Computer Network in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

propose a new architecture for the computer network of the university. The proposed architecture permits a better exploitation of available computers and network resources and allows to avoid current network problems. A simulation of the proposed network architecture is accomplished to evaluate its performance.

Faults Study For Coordination of Protection Relays In Swedieh Power Plant and Substation

Protection engineer is concerned with limiting the effects of disturbances in a power system, which if allowed to persist; many damage to plant and interrupt the supply of electric energy. These disturbances are described as three phase and single phase short circuits. In order that a fault study by using computer application can be successfully completed, the selection and application of the protective systems (relays, setting) have been carried out at SWEDIEH POWER PLANT AND SUBSTATION. This corresponds with the abnormal conditions and control circuit breakers so as to isolate the faulty section of that system in order to protect the electrical devices with SPEEDY, SELSCTIVITY, RELIABILITY COORDINATION and minimum interruption to service which is the main objective of this research.

R. J. of Aleppo Univ.

Developing the Steepest Descent Method to Obtain the Elementary Solution to the Electrical Networks Problem and Using it in Broyden Method

Mathematical modelling plays a fundamental role in all science domains. By using it, we can construct mathematical models of several problems. Solving these models, mostly, depends on approximate methods, and when these models are represented by system of linear or nonlinear equations, the most equations have no exact solution .It is necessary to search for approximate solution by using numerical method such as Gauss, Gauss.Zaidl, Fixed Point, Newton, and Broyden methods. Beginning from an elementary value, which is chosen by estimation, and depending upon it to determine the speed of convergence and accuracy of the solution which we get by a certain accuracy.

R. J. of Aleppo Univ.

Application the Generalized Steepest Descent Method to Obtain the Elementary Voltages for the Aleppo Electrical Network and Using it in Broyden Method

Mathematical modeling is used in different science domains. By using it we can construct several mathematical models. Solving these models, mostly, depend on numerical approximate methods, and especially the case when these models are represented by the system of linear or nonlinear equations. To solve these equations we depend on generation solutions with repeated forms such as Gauss, Gauss. Zaidl, Fixed Point, Newton, and Broyden methods. Beginning from an elementary value, which is a chosen estimation, and on which we depend, we determine the speeding of the convergence and the accusation of the solution which we get by certain accuracy. Problem compute voltages in Aleppo city network nodes to return (to give bake) into solve system linear or nonlinear equations, we obtained these variable in nodes network by considering it to consist of load nodes, control nodes and only one reference node.

R. J. of Aleppo Univ.

Harmonics Treatment in Low Voltage Industrial Electric Network (Feeding Electrical Network of Textile Industries in Billaramoun)

The harmonics and their effects are considered as some of important modern engineering problems in electrical networks, and mostly its is accompanied with high negative economical reference in the industrial and general electrical networks, so an international universities and companies and research institutes are interested, at this time, for studying it and treating it.

Res. J. of Aleppo Univ.

Studying the Effects of Angle Variances of Lighting Lamp on Illumination Flow Distribution

Studying the electrical lighting and choosing the kind of lamps is one of the most important factors in the realization of a good lighting. So the extended efforts in lighting art are run to obtain an industrial light very similar to daylight and which can replace it. During studying lighting in any place, we must pay attention to the fact that lighting gives the studied place features according to lighting kind, because good lighting makes the study place more visual.

Res. J. of Aleppo Univ.

Enhancing Chopping and Setting Content Algorithm to Improve QoS of Mobile IPTV in LTE Network.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) especially VoD (Video on Demand) will become winner technology in the near future .It was targeted to fixed terminals and developed for mobility support. So it’s very interesting topics how to deliver IPTV VOD service to a mobile subscriber by providing high QoS(Quality of Service) in 4G networks especially LTE(Long Term Evolution).The most important QoS parameters are bit error rate (BER) and delay time which make IPTV VoD service unsatisfied and not acceptable if they're under the limit. In this research, we have worked on enhancing chopping television content and setting in physical channels in LTE networks. Performance have been evaluated by simulating the system using MATLAB; where the results showed an improvement in performance of the proposed alogorithm; this improvement in performance have evaluated in terms of BER and Delay time

Aleppo University Research Journal

Applying a Hyprid (Static-Dynamic) Content Chopping and Setting Algorithm to Improve QoS of Mobile-IPTV in LTE Network.

The Demand of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services is growing significantly in the mobile communications industry. To support a large number of users with limited radio sources, the effective transmission technology for television content has to be developed. In this research, we suggest integration of static and dynamic segmenting algorithms for television content to improve QoS (Quality of Service) of VoD (Video on Demand) service over the IPTV wireless network in the LTE (Long Term Evolution) system. Performance have been evaluated by simulating the system using MATLAB, where the results have shown an improvement in performance of the proposed alogorithm; this improvement in performance have been evaluated in terms of BER and Delay time.

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