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Head of the Board of Trustees

A decade has passed since the outset, and Ebla University continues to give despite the hardships along the way. The determination of building generations is too strong to be defeated, and the passion of learning is too powerful to be weakened. Here they are; the pioneer graduates; leading the way, giving the fruits of their experiences, and proving – through the significant positions they managed to reach – how distinguished and talented they are. It is a sublime message that the administration of the university and staff are carrying, and it is very hard work the one that students are doing. With those combined, there emerged enlightened minds that connect words with actions, determination with sincerity, and learning with excellence, and which proved their worth in the national exams on country level. Hope is always there for more persistence and excellence to achieve the infinite aspirations that we aim at, and which make Ebla a leading example and a role model.

Our determination is second to none     Our thoughts never decay
Industrious we were born     “Students of Ebla’s”, we say

Head of the Board of Trustees
university secretary