University Secretariat

Since it was founded, Ebla Private University proved to be a bedrock of learning and knowledge. It has followed a solid scientific methodology that revolves around building a person who can serve the nation and society, and building generations capable of shouldering their educational and professional responsibilities, with commitment to teamwork spirit. This has all been embodied in the results that our students achieved in the national exam of Syrian public and private universities; the faculties of both engineering and pharmacy, in addition to the big number of students enrolled in the programmes of postgraduate studies in the faculties of administrative sciences, political science, international relations, and translation at public universities. These results altogether have been achieved through joint efforts of the exceptional scientific team of teaching, the organized administrative staff, combined with students’ diligent efforts, commitment, and high sense of responsibility. All we wish for Ebla Private University is to continue to advance, develop, and be a source of learning, knowledge and expertise for the sublime purpose of contributing to progress and prosperity in our society.

Secretary of EPU
university secretary