A decade has passed since launching the journey of Ebla Private University on the path of learning and knowledge. During this time, Ebla proved to be one of the advanced and developed universities with the outcome of its graduates being the best proof of that. Administration of Ebla Private University endeavors to create a unique ethical, social, and scientific atmosphere, to have its graduates at the highest scientific, social and national reliable levels for creating their own employment opportunities in the job market, and country reconstruction process. In addition, Ebla Private University pays efforts to be the anchor for graduates who face challenges in their practical and research life, and sets up the teachings of fellowship and cooperation among its staff members; its strong supportive element. We also aspire to building up cooperation with other national and international universities, and to activating our role in the assemblies and professional syndicates for the noble purpose of serving civil society. Finally, I wish all the success and prosperity for our university on all levels.

President of Ebla Private University
university president