Languages & Humanities

Dr. Moheiddin Hmaydi

The role of translation is undeniable in knowledge transfer between nations and successive generations, both in old and modern times. How can we know the sciences of the ancients and Indians, had they not been translated into a language that the reader can understand? And how we can learn what is going on around us without knowing the languages and cultures of surrounding societies. Hence the role of the Translation Department in the Faculty of Languages and Humanities at Ebla Private University, where the university has prepared all the requirements needed to graduate highly qualified cadres in translation of all types of texts from English into Arabic and vice versa; both written and oral. There is a specialized laboratory that teaches all forms of interpretation, in addition to well-organized classrooms especially designed for teaching translation requirements. The University has provided a specialized teaching staff that is distinguished on the local and international levels. We are proud that some of our graduates are now working in local and international translation institutions, while others have completed their postgraduate studies to obtain a master's and doctorate degrees in translation or linguistics. Some others work in prestigious schools that teach English language.

Dr. Moheiddin HOMEIDI 

Staff Academic Rank Administrative Position Type of contract CV
Dr. Moheiddin Hmaydi Professor Dean landlords
Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Ouayed Professor Staff member Part time
Dr.Munther Absi Professor Staff member Part time
Dr.Zubaida Qadi Professor Staff member Part time
Dr. AbdulJalil Bada Teacher Staff member Part time
Dr. Marwan Radwan Teacher Staff member Part time