Political Science

Dr. Mohamad Kebieh

Today's world is characterized by rapid changes that produced various tensions; multiplicity of international crises with their various types resulting from the imbalance of major powers and their growing ambitions; and the smaller powers aiming at achieving greater independence and growth. All that lead to violent conflicts and multi-oriented alliances, eventually leading to global, regional and local multifaceted crises, that are temporal, spatial, complex and sophisticated in their nature. If the crises in international relations occur at all times and places, the contemporary world - having become a close political, economic, cultural and social unit - will become subject to periodic crises that buffet its entities from time to time, and influence its societies in various aspects. Therefore, the use of scientific methods in studying and analyzing the problems of political and economic relations between countries to confront these crises has become an urgent need; not to achieve positive results from dealing with them; but to avoid their destructive consequences. All that gave growing importance to political science and international relations, unlocked the door for political researches and independent studies, and gave them new dimensions that stand out among other social sciences. The Faculty of Political Science and International Relations seeks to connect theory with reality through studying, analyzing and providing scientific interpretation of problems and different phenomena that characterize relations between countries. This requires practical training through participation in discussions on issues of political and international relations, to focus on educational outputs, knowledge, and sciences that students need to learn, the skills they should master, as well as the professional and behavioral values and ethics that students must carry when completing the program. That can be achieved by focusing on specific criteria, such as: Providing faculty members with expertise and experience; Providing modern curricula that keep up with development in this field and supporting ones; Emphasizing on discipline, methodology and relations among culture, learning and professionalism; the cornerstones of the faculty’s future. Thus, excellence can be achieved through graduating students with the skills required in the work market.

Prof. Dr. Mohamad KEBIEH 

Staff Academic Rank Administrative Position Type of contract CV
Dr. Mohamad Kebieh Professor Dean landlords
Dr. Sabri Hasan Assistant Professor Trustee of the university landlords
Dr. Hamoud Tanar Assistant Professor Staff member Part time
Dr. Raed Haj Suleiman Teacher Staff member Part time